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      *** JUST RELEASED ***  Protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens. We are not endorcing drinking alcohol, but we know people are going to drink alcohol. We just want them and everyone around them to be safe. Too many people drink and then feel they are sober enough to drive, not realizing how intoxicated...

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    *** JUST RELEASED ***  Multifunctional Car Cup Holder  Features:Easy to use and save space.Durable and high quality, easy to keep clean and use.Help to put your things in order, keep your car clean.360 degree rotation for top 3 layers increase more space to hold drinks and easy to save.Rubber cup body cover, designed to keep your drinks...

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    *** Limited Time Only At This Price***  Get your Cup Holder Phone Mount that was just release. Help some drive more safely by freeing up their hand!  Features 1. This phone holder is adjustable to accommodate all phones and it will lock in any desired position. 2. After inserting the base into your car's cup holder, turn the dial...

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     *** LIMITED QUANTITY ***  Do you find yourself trying to decide what to do with your smartphone when you are going out?  Well, your concerns have been taken care of with our Waterproof Smartphone Pouch.  This is a fully submersible and waterproof pouch that is designed for extreme conditions. It is a must if you plan to go...

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    *** JUST RELEASED ***  Check out this remarkable Smart Tracker with built-in Ear Buds that we just released.  A true special feature is that the wireless ear buds are built into the tracker! Just choose your language and start using it. Click I WANT MINE NOW  To Order Yours! At This Price For A Limited Time Only! This...

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    *** JUST RELEASED ***  Our cute Potty Training Frog For Boys. Parents! Stress no more when it comes to potty training your little guy. Now you can make potty training fun.  When your little man sees that he can make the windmill spin your mission will be so much easier.  He will be so excited and feel like a big boy when uses the potty...

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    *** JUST RELEASED ***  Our Mini UFO Drone.  You will have fun playing with this Mini UFO Drone that has sensing abilities.  It looks like a high-tech flying frisbee.  It can be suspended in the air and fly in all directions according to inductive sensors that avoid crashing into objects.  The colorful LED lights flash and...

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    Hot Selling Cooling Hat with UV Protection That Keeps You Cool And Protected Description: Stay cool and protected from the sun in the Hat. This unisex hat reflects 99 percent of UV rays and has an evaporative cooling liner that is activated with water. Inside the hat, temperature can reach 20 degrees cooler than outside. Detailed Product...

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    ***  Hot New Release *** Carry your baby with ease with our Baby Waist Carrier. The carrier fits comfortably around your waist and acts as a seat for your baby. It even includes storage pockets! FEATURES: Helps support your baby while carrying Comfortable for both baby and parent Adjustable strap Buckle closure Safe and easy to use  

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